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Tim’s Times

In May of 2016, an oil spill covered little by the main stream media spilled an estimated 2,000 barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico south of the Louisiana coast. Shell, the company behind the damaged pipeline, heard of... Continue Reading →

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WE'VE MOVED! Check out our new site at BULLDOG CYBER NEWS And don't forget to follow us on our Social Media Sites: Twitter @Tweetbulldog Instagram @thebrightonian Snapchat @thebrightonian

The School Life Stress

High school life can be stressful. From the loads of homework and the extracurriculars/sports, it sometimes feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish everything. “Trying to balance homework and studying while also having a life outside... Continue Reading →

Refusal of “Beauty” Norms

As announced officially late December, Disney is coming out with a new movie: a live-action remake of Disney’s classic, 1991 Beauty and the Beast. The movie stars Emma Watson as the beauty Belle, Dan Stevens as her love interest, the... Continue Reading →

Brighton High School Choir!!

A video of Brighton High School's Choirs and a personal interview with Alan Davis, the choir teacher at Brighton High School. Video By: Hiroto Hayshi Edited By: Matt Brink

I’m a Girl!

An touching interview about the struggles and victories of Lucy Langland, a proud MTF transgender HS student. *How old were you when you first began transitioning? -Well, pretty much my whole life I felt different. Whenever my sister and I... Continue Reading →

Tim’s Times

It’s essay time, and you have the general idea for what you want your paper to turn out like but every time you put fingers to the keyboard, everything ends up jumbled and basically incoherent; what do you do? A... Continue Reading →

How Much Do You Know?!

Teens now have a new exposure to vaping and many high school students have followed the trend down an unhealthy path. Not only are more teens vaping, but there is an ignorant idea that vaping is safer than smoking traditional... Continue Reading →


Check out our second video of The Brightonian YouTube Channel. This video is to wish Mrs. Frenzel well during her fight! Video Credit: Matt Brink

BHS Comic Book Club

Welcome to the video edition of the Brightonian. Check out our first videos on our new YouTube channel!! Video Credit: Matt Brink

Are YOU Safe?

High school can be difficult for any struggling teen, but LGBT youth face many additional obstacles of harassment, bullying, and violence. Events of bullying occur everyday in high schools around the nation some of which including members of the LGBT... Continue Reading →

Tips to Rocking Mom Fashion!

1. For a comfy look all you need is a colorful cardigan, a black or white shirt, blue skinny jeans, and brown knee high boots. 2.A super simple yet super cute look! pair a plain shirt, a cute scarf, black... Continue Reading →

Let’s Go Pink!!

Breast Cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women all around the world, with around 246,660 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed each year. One in every eight women in the US is diagnosed with breast... Continue Reading →

After School

The new app taking over the phones of high schoolers across the nation is conventionally called “after school.” This app is described as an “anonymous and private message board for your school” according to the app store. When the app... Continue Reading →

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